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Signing In and Signing Out

Signing In and Signing Out
Sign In
To sign in, enter your Web Scheduler user name and password and click Sign In.
Web Scheduler Sign In Page

Terms of Use
The first time you sign in to Web Scheduler, the Terms of Use screen will appear. To continue, read the terms, click I have read and accept the above terms, and click OK.
Terms of Use

Changing Your Password
If your account has been set by the Administrator to require a password change, the Change Password screen will appear when you sign in.
Enter your existing password in the Old Password field. Then enter your new password in the New Password and Verify New Password fields.
If you enter the wrong password in the Old Password field three times, your account will be inactivated. Contact your ANSOS One‑Staff administrator to have your account reactivated.
Click Submit.
Web Scheduler Roles
The Web Scheduler page that appears after signing in will depend on your default role.
The page that displays will depend on the Default Role setting in My Profile. If the Default Role is Scheduling Administrator, the Inbox will display. If it is Employee, the current monthly calendar will display.

Change Role
In your account is configured for both Scheduling Administrator and Employee roles, you can switch between roles after signing in by clicking the Change Role link at the top of the page.

Sign Out
To sign out of Web Scheduler, click the Sign Out link at the top of the page.
Sign Out link

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